Arts to Share

Arts heal our hearts and mend our souls. We are happy to share our Arts with you today…

Sharing our joy of the arts with those recuperating or residing in an assisted living facility.

The idea of Arts to Share began when our grandmother had a fall and had to spend six weeks at a health care/nursing facility. Because of COVID, the facility was closed to the public. Our family would FaceTime Grandmama and visit the home only to wave to her outside of her window. We would call daily and sing songs, play piano and entertain her to keep her spirits up while in recovery. It was a tough time. She recuperated and is now doing well and has support from her loving family. After the pain of being physically separated from our Grandmama, we discussed the issue of people in nursing homes and how lonely and depressed they become. As a community service, we wanted to reach out to these individuals and thought that we could bring them joy virtually. Of the cousins, we are all three artistic. Charlie is a wonderful singer, song-writer and pianist, Emmie creates art, designs amazing clothes and sings, and Juliette is a natural actor, loves to dance, do ceramics, draw and paint. Through this user-friendly site, we hope to share our joy of the arts with those recuperating or staying in a nursing home/assisted living facility.

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